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Wednesday, December 19th, 2018 - Buy Gold - Bringing you trusted gold news and gold investing information since 2006

Scrap Gold: Why Search for Gold?

Gold is and always has been at the top of the list of valued commodities. It is desired for its malleability and conductivity, as well as for its resistance to acids and reagents that can render lesser substances useless. It is also desirable from a monetary standpoint, as it is used as coinage, as transferable shares, and as a way to store wealth against lean times.

While a set amount of gold exists, only a certain amount of it is in active circulation, and there is a very high demand for more. Gold is still being mined of course, however that process is slow and shares in gold mines are difficult, if not nearly impossible for everyday armchair investors to come by. This, plus the thrill of the find, is just part why treasure hunting is so popular. Although an estimated 160 tons of gold has been mined to date, most of it is being worn as jewelry, sitting in boxes or vaults, or seemingly lost forever. Much of the gold in existence today is just waiting to be found, cashed in, and invested.

While we’re on the topic of investment, gold is an excellent investment to have. Not only is it a tangible substance, it is also portable and it never has failed as a form of currency, in all the five thousand years that humans have been using it as a means to secure life’s necessities. Of all investments a person can make, gold is the best. This being said, most of the gold you can find second hand is not going to be investment grade gold. Instead, it is gold that can be sold to help you earn extra money, or gold that can be sold to provide you with a means of buying investment-grade gold.

Last, but certainly not least, searching for second hand gold is fun. It doesn’t cost a person any money at all to look for gold in the manner we’re about to suggest, and every time you find gold, you are certain to experience a thrill. Once you find your first piece of hidden second hand treasure, you are likely to be hooked for life.

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