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Gold News | Gold Investing | Scrap Gold | Buy Gold Bars and Coins | Buy & Sell Bulk Bullion | Sell Your Gold

Weekly Gold Market Review – Week Ending 2nd December 2011

  Gold Breaks Losing Streak Amongst Centralised Action And Confusion After two weeks of falls, gold finally finished a week in positive territory, ending at $1746.10 and around 3.6% better than last week’s closing level. The move was boosted by concerted central bank action that may have bought time for Europe to sort out its …

Gold Rebounds for Second Straight Day on Eurozone Cues

The price of gold rebounded on Monday after it suffered losses last Friday. Gold traded higher Monday on the hope that the leadership of the European countries are striving to find solution to the protracted debt crisis the continent of Europe has been struggling with and as at today, Tuesday, the price of gold remains …

Weekly Gold Market Review – Week Ending 25th November 2011

Gold Falls for a Second Week as Debt Concerns Spread Gold fell for a second week in a row, ending on Friday 2.5% lower than the previous week, as once more European debt concerns weighed on investors. The Thanksgiving holiday in the United States at the end of the week did nothing to help sentiment, …

Weekly Gold Market Review – Week Ending 18th November 2011

Gold News: Gold Gives Ground After a Month of Gains After gaining through much of the last few weeks, gold gave up some ground this week. Though recovering a little on Friday, the price had retreated since Monday, and most notably on Thursday in reaction to a poorly received Spanish government bond auction. In order …

Weekly Gold Market Review – Week Ending 11th November 2011

Gold ended a mostly positive week ahead by 1.6%. Once more, gold news has been dominated by European political and financial woes, which culminated with a focus shift from the troubles of Greece to the troubles of Italy. Italian bonds yields rose through the week to the perceived ‘bailout level’ of 7%, though with Italian …


After retreating through much of the last few weeks, Gold snapped its losses and ended the month 6.3% firmer. Negative sentiment from the US caused equity markets to retreat at the start of the month. Investors turned to the precious metals as bargain hunters sought the safe have qualities of gold. Gold prices recovered strongly …

Weekly Gold Market Review – Week Ending 28th October 2011

Investors return and push precious metals higher This week saw the gold price strengthening, as investors took on board the implications of the deal thrashed out between the Finance Ministers and Leaders of the Eurozone countries. This deal will see the EFSF increased to €1 trillion, the banks recapitalised by €108 billion, and those creditor …

Gold Rallies for Fifth Straight Trading Day on Eurozone Debt Deal

Gold gained 1.5 per cent on Thursday for the fifth straight trading day to attain $1,750 per ounce on major commodity markets around the world as investors saw the European debt deal as a positive tone towards easing the region’s debt burden. The EU deal provides for banks to waive 50 per cent of Greece’s …

Gold Attains One-Month Record Highs after September Plunge

In a bid to regain its safe haven status, gold attain one-month highs in major markets around the world on Wednesday as it rose above $1,700 per ounce in the wake of increased demand for the yellow metal occasioned by apparent delay in resolving the debt burdens hanging on many countries in the Eurozone and …

Weekly Market Update – Week Ending 21st October 2011

Gold Posts First Weekly Loss of October As Investors Remain Cautious Gold traded steadily lower during the first four days of the week, though it did recover some poise on Friday as investors came back into the market ahead of the weekend’s meeting of European Finance Ministers. Having fallen from last week’s closing level of …

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