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Gold News | Gold Investing | Scrap Gold | Buy Gold Bars and Coins | Buy & Sell Bulk Bullion | Sell Your Gold


Gold Has Tremendous Week as Political and Economic Woes Persist After consolidating at around last week’s closing level in the early part of the week, the gold price took off on Wednesday. Precious metals in general reacted positively to the United States FOMC statement that the Fed would be holding a neutral interest rate policy …

GOLD NEWS: Weekly Market Update for the week ending 20th January 2012

Gold breaks through technical resistance, signals turn bullish. Increased buying from India, together with a better investment environment overall, sparked further increases in the price of gold this week. Physical cash gold ended the week at $1665.90, an increase of 1.7% on last week’s closing level and a close above last week’s high of $1662. …

GOLD NEWS: Weekly Update – Market Review Week Ending 13th January 2012

Gold Continues New Year Rally as US Economy Turns Mixed Gold continued its New Year rally, though dipping from the week’s highs of around $1662 set on Thursday to close the week at $1638.70, a rise of 1.4% on the week. The gold price struggled to make headway on Monday and Tuesday, as early season …


Gold Rallies as European Economy Weakens Moving into the New Year, and investors hoping for a turnaround in the fortunes of the gold price, and some positives on the gold news front were not disappointed. Gold closed at $1616, moving toward the $1632 level that many market watchers see as key to signalling a lasting …

Gold News: Monthly Review December 2011

Gold Weakens to halve Yearly Gain Precious metals eroded most of any gains made through 2012 in December, as values were dominated by news from Europe and downward pressure was exaggerated by a lack of buying from India (as highlighted in this blog last week) December reasonably positively, as European leaders spoke bullishly of the …


A quiet week, full of news, ends with gold subdued Trading volumes were thin through the week as the year draws to a close. Price volatility saw the price of gold bounce from recent lows to as high as $1640, before retreating to $1606 by Friday. The week’s initial rise was provoked by the death …

Gold News: Weekly Market Update for Week Ending 16th December 2012

Is Gold Being Sold To Pay For Sovereign Debt? Bears of the yellow metal had the upper hand this week, as prices eroded from last week’s closing price to post a fall of 6.5%, closing at 1598.45 on Friday. ETF’s were hit too, as net outflows hit record levels during the week. On Thursday, the …

Gold News – Weekly Market Update Week Ending 9th December 2012

  Gold Retreats as Eurozone Members Come to Debt Agreement After last weeks gains, gold investors remained cautious ahead of the Eurozone summit on Wednesday night. Though some profit taking was seen through Monday and Tuesday morning, losses had all but been reversed as a lack of news from the summit caused a little nervousness …

Gold Rallies as Euro Strengthens though Cautious Over Eurozone Progress

The price of gold got a boost today in trading when the news filtered out that the Eurozone leaders, at their crucial meeting in Brussels, had reached an agreement on adopting more stringent fiscal principles for the Eurozone in a bid to resolve the debt crisis which has been affecting the continent for the past …

Gold News – Monthly Market Update November 2011

  Gold finished the month a little better than at the end of October, managing to post a modest gain of just under 1.5% on the month The month started with strong gains made as the the surprise announcement of a referendum – on the Eurozone bailout plans – by Greek prime Minister Papandreou spooked …

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