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Sunday, December 16th, 2018 - Buy Gold - Bringing you trusted gold news and gold investing information since 2006

Gold Mining Companies Intercepts High Grade Gold at Various Drilling sites

While the price of gold has been dropping continually over the past few weeks from its all-time high touching off of the $1900 historical price per ounce it attained just over a month ago, some gold mining companies have intercepted high grade gold structures in their various drilling programs.

Treasury Metals Incorporated, a Canada based mineral exploration company, reported intercepting high grade gold at its flagship asset, the Goliath Gold Project sited in the North-western Ontario. Treasury Metals recorded 6.2 grams per ton gold over 5.7meters drilling area and 8.7 grams per ton gold over 5.5 drilling areas.

In like manner, Bon Terra Resources Incorporated, another Canada based gold exploration company with its drilling project sited in Quebec has intercepted high grade gold and strong silver at its drilling program at River Zone Discovery site near Quebec. Bon Terra Resources found 204.0 grams per ton gold and 25.80 per ton silver in the drilling samples gotten from its River Zone Discovery drilling site.

Riverstone Resources Incorporated, a Vancouver based gold mining company also intercepted high grade gold at its drilling site located at Yaramoko gold permit area in West Africa. Riverstone Resources found an average of 178.3 grams per ton gold over two meters and 73.8 grams per ton gold over seven meters.


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