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Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019 - Buy Gold - Bringing you trusted gold news and gold investing information since 2006

Emissions Control Technology Developer Utilizes Gold Metal in Catalytic Converters

NS Gold TM is a first ever gold-based automotive emissions control catalytic converter invented by Nanostellar Incorporated. This gold-based automotive catalyst is now being commercially produced by four biggest diesel car manufacturers based in Europe for the benefit of the environment and the automotive industry.

The World Gold Council is reported to have provided a further financial investment which Nanostellar Incorporated; the developer of the gold-based device requires for improving the accelerated wider acceptance of the emissions controlled catalytic device.

This device has been confirmed to provide up to a significant 30 per cent emission reductions due to the inclusion of gold metal. The benefits of this gold-based invention to diesel vehicle manufacturers include reduction in the costs of production and enhanced fuel economy for the manufactured automobiles.

Gold metal like other metals such as platinum helps in catalysing the oxidation of dangerous substances that evolves as by-products of the engine exhaust of diesel vehicles and thereby minimizes considerably the toxic emissions from the exhausts of automobiles that uses diesel.

The developer of this gold-based catalyst has brought to practical limelight the idea of using gold for this type of application though it has long been muted. Dr Richard Holliday, the Technology Director at the World Gold Council attested to this invention as one of the most advanced and thrilling practical uses of gold metal in technology. In return, the CEO of Nanostellar welcomed the support of the World Gold Council for the catalytic technology invention.

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