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Thursday, December 13th, 2018 - Buy Gold - Bringing you trusted gold news and gold investing information since 2006

Archive for the 'Silver' Category

Silver Bottoms, But We Notice Subtle Bullish Factors

Successful market timing is based on careful use of technical analysis and sentiment analysis. Technical analysis measures supply and demand and sentiment analysis takes that a step further by looking at investor attitudes their positions and money flows. This information helps us assess probabilities. Nothing is certain but we want to see strong evidence before …

Silver’s Parabolic Rise? Forget Speculative Buying, It Was Short Covering!

Most mainstream pundits and reporters have assumed that it was speculative buying that caused Silver to go parabolic. After all, its always the dumb money or the public that gets in at the very end. However, in futures markets, parabolic moves are often the result of short squeezes. This is exactly what happened in Silver. …

I Smell A Rat….

You will recall that one year ago we witnessed an epic market glitch called the ‘Flash Crash’, that took market sentiment down from very unhealthy (over bullish) to quite healthy (overly bearish).  You will recall that the blogger had up to that point been managing a pained and laborious Inverted Head & Shoulders in the …

Silver ‘Insurance’ : Biiwii’s Approach to the Silver ‘Play’

Some blog comments to the Rick Ackerman/FOFOA post highlight something I do not often write about in detail; that being physical metals. Anonymous entities can write all they want about the metals but I, being a real and identifiable human, write things like “see to securing debt-free value whether it be in property, productive enterprise, quality …

Downside Targets for Silver

Silver is in a structural bull market and will see significantly higher prices in the coming years. However, now is not the time to be buying. The market has spiked and a retracement is coming.’s public opinion as of last week was over 90% bulls. The daily sentiment index as of last week was 96% bulls. A correction is coming. We have two charts to help decipher a potential bottom.
Here is our first chart:

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