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Thursday, December 13th, 2018 - Buy Gold - Bringing you trusted gold news and gold investing information since 2006

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Good News for Gold Traders: JP Morgan Forecasts $2,500 Price for Gold and Goldman Sachs Expects Gold Prices to Climb into 2012

JP Morgan, a foremost and global financial services market leader has predicted a surge in the price of gold to attain $2,500 or higher per ounce by year end according to a statement credited to Colin Fenton and Jonah Waxman who are commodity analysts of the financial services giant. Also, Goldman Sachs expects gold prices …

Fadel Gheit, The Oil and The Wall Street Big Banks

Public Relation people at Goldman Sachs can not be too happy about this. Fadel Gheit, a veteran of Oppenheimer and oil and gas industry dating back to the Mobil era, went on record and called the Big Banks–Goldman Sachs. along with Morgan Stanley–out on manipulating the oil market during a Bloomberg TV interview on May 25. Both Goldman …

Concerns Over Greece Help Limit Downside On Gold Price

Although gold prices softened somewhat on Tuesday, following a margin hike in US crude futures, it is predicted that concerns over Greece’s debt crisis will limit the downside. Spot gold was seen rising for two consecutive sessions, but on Tuesday it went down some 0.4 per cent, to US$1,507.44. COMEX gold went up 0.3 per …

Speculation Does Not Explain High Oil and Gasoline Prices? Please!!

  WTI (West Texas Intermediate) Crude Oil futures traded at its lowest in almost two months in New York on Thursday, May 5 in its biggest selloff in two years, plunging 8.6% on the day to below the $100 mark (Fig. 1).  Brent crude on ICE also dropped as much as $12.17, or 10%, which …

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