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Gold News | Gold Investing | Scrap Gold | Buy Gold Bars and Coins | Buy & Sell Bulk Bullion | Sell Your Gold

Investing By Understanding The Price Of Silver

It is important to look up what is the price of silver on the trading websites, before you start to invest in silver. This investment will provide your portfolio with the much-needed diversification, as it has excellent growth prospects which can yield great profits in the future. There are many things that the investor needs […]

Comparing the Price of Silver vs. Gold

The price of silver today is quoted in many websites in the spot market in terms of troy ounces. You can convert it into any other measures such as grams, as 1 troy ounce equals 31 grams. When considering the price of silver vs. gold, silver is more expensive but the prices close in at […]

Who fixes what is the price of Palladium per gram

If you are interested in the field of investment in precious metals, you are probably asking what is the price of palladium per gram, in order to know the current price. The price of palladium can be availed at various websites, where they give the price per gram or per ounce. You can also know […]

Auto Sales Drive up the Price of Platinum

There is a growing demand for platinum in emerging markets leading to an increasing price for this precious metal. This trend actually started many years back and today platinum is responsible for one third of the jewelry market demand. The strong growth in the price of platinum can be attributed to this change in attitude […]

A Keen Watch on the Price of Platinum per Ounce today

Historically, gold has always been the investor’s choice, but with the price of platinum per ounce today rising steadily, it makes sense to invest in this rare and precious metal. Unlike gold, platinum has industrial uses in catalytic convertors in the automobile industry as well as in LCD TV screens. It is very easy today […]

Studying the History and price of Platinum per ounce today

Platinum is now a modern commodity with its scope and industrial uses constantly skyrocketing in this century, and thereby sending the price of platinum per gram today higher and higher. Today, it is being used in neurosurgical and dental apparatus. Additional uses are in the drugs for treating cancer and in computer equipment. Out of […]

Market Price of Platinum – Futures Trading

Platinum producers can go in for hedging against the market price of platinum, especially when it starts falling. With the help of short hedge, the produces set or lock the platinum price at a certain fixed price for the platinum to be sold sometime in the future. They can enter into a futures contract for […]

Getting Information from the Gold Forum

Investors interested in gold trading can learn many trading strategies and make analysis of the gold market using many websites that have gold forum. These website have many useful features, such as articles on market analysis and they are specifically tailored to answer the doubts and questions of gold traders. The investors can also post […]

Making profits from Gold Futures

Gold future trading deals with trading in gold at prices that are decided today, but having a settlement date sometime in the future. While trading in gold futures, you need not pay the seller the amount immediately, nor does the seller have to deliver the gold immediately. You may, however, have to pay a part […]

How to Trade in Gold

Gold has always played a very important role in trading and in the financial industry and is a major form of investment and speculation for many. There are many online sites where you can find gold traders and you can trade gold even without owning a bit of the precious metal, that is, in the […]

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