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Gold News | Gold Investing | Scrap Gold | Buy Gold Bars and Coins | Buy & Sell Bulk Bullion | Sell Your Gold

GOLD NEWS: Market Update Week Ending 23rd March 2012

Gold rises at end of week despite negative sentiment Gold closed the week at $ 1661.30, a fraction better than last week’s closing level of $1659.30. Though global economic news came in mixed this week, with the United States mixed, though more positive than elsewhere, sentiment seemed to turn against gold with the yellow metal …

Gold News: Weekly Market Update for Week ending 16th March 2012

Gold Falls to Lows as Focus turns to Equities Gold closed the week at a multi week low of $1659.30, down more than 3% on the week.. Economic news throughout the week was generally good in the United States, meaning that investor focus has once more turned to equities. Indeed, America’s major equity indices rose …

GOLD NEWS: Weekly Market Review, Week Ending 9th March 2012

Gold Bounces from Technical Support and Consolidates Gold closes the week almost unchanged from last week’s close, at $1713.20. Gold was chased lower in the middle of the week as investment markets plunged with rumors that the Greek debt swap for private creditors had fallen apart. Such an event would have caused the country to …

Gold News: Weekly Market Update Week Ending 2nd March 2012

Gold struggles to remain above $1700 Gold closes the week down 3.4% at $1711.80. Having spent the beginning of the week marking time, gold was hit hard on Wednesday as the US Fed Chairman, Bernanke, dampened speculation for further monetary easing. Elsewhere, mixed economic news should have proved the catalyst for further gains in the …

Gold News: Monthly Review February 2012

Gold Consolidates above $1700 as Greece signs up to austerity and US growth continues With US economic news seen as more positive for stocks as the month opened, gold struggled to maintain its early year momentum, though doveish comments from the US Fed Chairman, Bernanke, sandwiching the trading month has helped sentiment for the medium …

Gold News: Gold Market Weekly Review 24th February 2012

Gold Rallies Further in Subdued Trade Gold closed the week up 2.85%, and just below three-month highs, at $1772 with mixed economic news and a Greek debt deal keeping volumes low but sentiment firm. On Tuesday, after a two-day meeting, European finance ministers agreed to pass the previously agreed €130 billion bailout fund to Greece …

Gold News: Weekly Market Update, Week Ending 17th February 2012

Equity Markets Mixed, Gold Rallies in Subdued Market Gold tracked sideways for most of the week, as better than expected economic figures from the United States was tempered by nervousness over the Greek debt and austerity package. Better than expected retail numbers from the US, which showed a pick up in sales during January, and …

Gold News: Weekly Market Update, Week Ending 10th February 2012

Greek Uncertainty Taints Markets Gold has been tugged first one way and then another this week, as optimism over a Greek austerity and debt package settlement earlier in the week turned to consternation in all markets by Friday when unrest, general strikes, and cabinet resignations hit the streets of Athens. Stronger than expected economic news …


US Jobs Data Caps Gold’s Rise in a Subdued Market Gold struggled to maintain the positive tone of the year to date, as news that US unemployment hit its lowest rate for two years pushed equities higher and precious metals lower on Friday. Payrolls numbers helped the unemployment rate fall to 8.3%, and the Dow …

Gold News: Monthly Review January 2012

  Gold bounced strongly from a weak December performance, with renewed buying from India helping a more positive investment outlook generally to push gold to a close of nearly $1750 at the end of the month and an increase of 10.77% on the month. Investment markets shrugged off cuts in forecasts for global growth by …

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